Adam Klein, Chief Operating Officer

Adam has over 31 years experience in the I. T. industry, and started his Content and Document Management career in 1995, when The Home Depot needed to reduce the costs of their existing microfilming operation.

Adam has either designed or headed a team responsible for designing hundreds of Content and Document Management projects across multiple industries. He prides himself on the dedication he and his team has on doing whatever it takes to meet customer expectations. He has been involved in all aspects of Content Management projects from working as a Project Manager and Business Analyst to creating End User documentation and conducting training sessions. He frequently works as a technical resource assisting with KCG Scanning, Storage, Configuration and Workflow projects. Adam has worked on multiple projects where the Oracle Applications were hosted by Oracle On Demand.

In 1996, Adam was the driving force in creating the Imaging Services Organization, an internal The Home Depot imaging technology integrator. This team was created with personnel having multiple skill sets including business analysts, architects, developers and administrators. Over a nine-year span, Adam has headed this team responsible for designing significant Document and Content Management projects for multiple business units within The Home Depot. Adam and his team maintained the highest customer approval ratings by providing solutions that exceeded customer expectations, were implemented on time and delivered at or under budget.

During the initial development of the Optika product suite, originally known as eMedia, and then changed to Acorde and now called Stellent Imaging and Business Process Management (IBPM), Adam worked directly with Optika personnel providing product direction and conducting volume beta testing.

After the product was successfully tested and verified at The Home Depot, Adam's next challenge was to grow his internal integrator team from 2 associates to a peak of 28 associates. He quickly and confidently extended the Content/Document Management technology to multiple business areas throughout the company. He increased the production application base from 15 to 200 while growing the number of active users from 500 to 1300 as he maintained the same staffing levels. Adam was responsible for the largest Optika installation in the world.

Adam's team accepted the responsibility for implementing Documentum's product suite throughout The Home Depot. Adam's team successfully deployed their first Documentum project within 90 days of signing the contract with Documentum. After that, Adam's team proceeded to implement an additional six projects over the next 12 months while building an infrastructure to support the entire company's needs for Documentum. Major projects included upgrading the Documentum system from version 4i to version 5 and implementing a Verity K2 search system for the internal portal site.

Adam has been requested as a speaker at multiple I.T. conferences about successes and best practices in the content management arena. Additionally, he has provided periodic marketing assistance to Optika, EMC Captiva and EMC Documentum.

Adam was a member of the Optika Customer Advisory Board that helped prioritize upcoming system features. He has also served as a member of the Captiva InputAccel Advisory Committee as well as the Documentum Executive Council.

Erik Sieber, Chief Technical Architect


Erik has over 16 years experience in the Content Management I. T. space and currently leads the technical resources for the Klein Consulting Group, LLC. Erik has also attained the prestigious AIIM Business Process Management (BPM) MASTER Certification.

Erik's unique experience and understanding of the Optika Acorde/Stellent IBPM product set has led to engagements all over the U.S., Canada and as far away as Yokohama, Japan. Erik has been called upon by our customers to review existing customer Content and Document Management systems and make recommendations for improving system process throughput and End User performance. He has been involved in all aspects of KCG projects including Scanning, Software Installation and Configuration, Custom Development, Workflow/Business Process Management, System Administration as well as Troubleshooting existing system issues. Erik has been involved in multiple Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition (OFR/WFR) projects and has also developed custom Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition (OFR/WFR) components when needed. Erik has multiple project experience where the Oracle Applications were hosted by Oracle On Demand, and as part of Erik's responsibilities, he walked the Oracle On Demand employees through step by step instructions to ensure that the Oracle Applications were installed correctly.

Erik started his Content/Document Management career with The Home Depot working on the world's largest installation of the Optika eMedia product set. Erik currently holds certifications for Stellent IBPM Development and Administration, Captovation eCapture, Kofax, Kofax KTM, Captiva InputAccel, Oracle Document Capture, Oracle IPM, Oracle WebCenter Capture, Oracle WebCenter Imaging and is an AIIM BPM Master.