The Largest Home Improvement Retailer in the World

Klein Consulting Group (KCG) was engaged by The Largest Home Improvement Retailer in the World to assist with the migration of their Acorde system from legacy Windows NT servers to Windows 2003 Server using 40 Virtual Machines. The engagement also included "refreshing" the QA environment to match the Production Capture and Imaging environment. KCG also assisted with upgrading the hardware for the EMC (Captiva) InputAccel Capture system.

KCG's proven expertise led to an extension of the initial engagement for helping with the planning of their upgrade from Optika Acorde 4.0 to Stellent IBPM 7.6. KCG has also trained a number of new THD associates about the intricacies of their Imaging Solution.

This company recently required KCG's assistance to implement and configure the Stellent SEIS integration with SAP. KCG customized a search to allow the retrieval of SAP documents within the Stellent IBPM (Oracle IPM) user interface.

KCG resources were also engaged during the upgrade from Optika Acorde 4.0 to Stellent IBPM 7.6. This engagement included data migration from legacy Informix databases to Microsoft SQL Server. Several custom developed Workflow programs that used the Optika Acorde SDK (Stellent IBPM SDK) required modifications and KCG successfully updated all of them. In addition, all of the COLD/Report (ERM) applications needed to be converted from the original CIndex file structure to SQL. KCG used this opportunity to create additional training guides for the new associates to understand the Stellent IBPM (Oracle IPM) application development and Workflow Process map customizations.

KCG has recently helped with multiple changes to their custom Workflow programs, forms and maps to enhance the functionality and repair defects. KCG created new Workflow programs to automate Proof-of-Delivery requests and assisted with the migration of the current system from an NT domain to use Active Directory. Since KCG has deep expertise with the ECM components, we have helped troubleshoot numerous issues in all environments including their EMC (Captiva) InputAccel document capture process.

KCG has worked primarily on-site with this company to meet their system needs.

&ldquoAt The Largest Home Improvement Retailer in the World, Adam recognized that the content management technology needed to be treated as a new I.T. core competency, not just a single project to be delivered. He worked closely with Senior Management from I.T. and the business units since a critical aspect of successful solutions is interdepartmental cooperation and coordination.

Adam initiated the creation of the cross-functional Imaging Services Group that identified, prioritized and rolled-out numerous applications while working side by side with the business users every step of the way. The Imaging Services Group exceeded all business benefit projections for their projects. The G&A improvements that the company gained and service turnarounds for our vendor partners were dramatic. In forming the Klein Consulting Group, Adam has assembled a similar mix of resources that allows them to deliver superior solutions and services focused on the customer.&rdquo

Ron Griffin
Griffin, Anderson & Company