Large Engineering and Construction Company

Klein Consulting Group performed development enhancements to this company's existing Stellent IBPM system. The changes included integration with their ERP system to indicate that the document exists in the Stellent IBPM repository. This enhancement allows the ERP users to be notified when the images are available. A custom IBPM program was developed to synchronize and monitor the data between the ERP system and the Stellent system. In addition, a Stellent IBPM form was modified to permit the deletion of unwanted document attachments.

KCG was recently engaged to oversee their large upgrade from Optika Acorde to the current version of Oracle IPM. KCG was responsible for overseeing the work of another consulting group and focused on unit testing, code reviews and overall project progress. The customer frequently came to KCG to ensure the upgrade direction and decisions being made were correct. When the other consulting group was unable to complete portions of the Optika Acorde project, KCG was asked and agreed to take on the additional items over a weekend.

“Implementing a content management system is not easy and there were many challenges to overcome at the Largest Home Improvement Retailer in the World.  Large integrators questioned whether an implementation this size as desired could even take place at the time.  Adam and his team were confident they could deliver and took the challenges head-on.  They worked directly with Optika creating a Development Partner relationship that allowed Adam's team to participate in the planning, feature analysis, and testing of the Acorde product.  Adam's team took the final product and installed multiple applications resulting in the largest deployment of Optika Acorde in the world.”

Mike Anderson
Griffin, Anderson & Company